Online Cello Lessons – Cello Lessons from the comfort of your home!

Lessons coming summer 2018!  Please check back soon or fill out sign up page to be notified via email.

Welcome to!  I built this website for the purpose of teaching people how to play the cello.  Please check out the lessons page to access my video lessons.  You’re probably wondering why should you take cello lessons online versus getting live private instruction with a private teacher.  While there really is nothing better than live one on one instruction, taking cello lessons online can be much more cost effective and save you tons of driving.  Just log in at your conveinience and watch the lessons at your leisure.  There are no commutes, no make-up lessons, and it is a fraction of the cost.  I wanted to make sure that even though I’d be teaching cello through video lessons, the quality would be just as good as a live lesson.  I’ve taken the time to go into great detail on all of the concepts about playing cello as well as address the most common mistakes in technique that I’ve seen throughout my many years of teaching private lessons.   From holding the instrument, holding the bow, bowing and left hand technique to learning the fundamentals of music theory, rhythm, and intonation, I have made sure to be as thorough as possible and capture the best video shots and angles possible in my lessons.  If you have any specific questions about the lessons or certain concepts, you can always email me personally and I’ll be happy to send you a reply back.  In addition to the concepts and technique building lessons, I also offer a wide variety of music to learn from classical to fiddle music and even some blues.   I add new material every month so theres always new music to work on.   There is supplemental sheet music to go along with each video lesson so you’ll be able to print them out to read and follow along.  Most importantly, I go over many great practice strategies so you’ll get the most out of every practice session and avoid wasted time.   I hope you’ll consider giving online cello lessons a try and sign up today!  


Daniel Holloway

cellist and teacher – Atlanta , GA